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Professional Hearing Aid Service, LLC offers exceptional care for your ears with the Hear for You Program.


The Hear for You Program is a community-based, in-office hearing health care mission that was established in 1969 by the Caprari Foundation. Its goal is to provide hearing aids to those who could not otherwise afford amplification or with limited funds. Application fee and medical referral required. Specific terms & conditions apply.


We are dependable hearing professionals. Since 1969, we have been providing top-quality hearing aids. Contact us to schedule an appointment for all your queries.

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Your one-stop office for hearing aid repairs

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Professional Hearing Aid Service, LLC offers complete repair services on all brands and models of hearing aids. If you're facing an issue with your device, count on us for help.


Stop by to explore our complete line of accessories. They are designed to make your experience with your listening device as positive as possible!

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  • Excessive ear wax

  • Damage to your ear drum

  • Fluid accumulation of your middle ear

  • Other conditions which may make it difficult for you to hear clearly

Your Fiber Optic Otoscope exam may reveal such common problems as: